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Lunch set menu 11:00-15:30 LO14:30


・Choice of main: Yangnyeom chicken/Taiwanese pork rice/boiled dumplings/Black vinegar sweet and sour pork/Korean pork soup


・Today's side dish

・Today's small bowl

・Today's soup

・White rice (free refills)

・Seasonal desserts

・Corn tea (free refills)


Draft beer +¥500

Craft makgeolli +¥700

Natural wine +¥800


Price:¥1870 (tax included)


Dinner menu 17:00-22:00


・Draft beer ¥780

・Noon Lemon Sour (homemade) ¥860

・Chinese bottle IPA Beer¥910

・Highball ¥750

・Natural wine ¥1100/¥3400/¥6800

   (Glass/Decanter/Bottle) white / red / orange

・Craft makgeolli ¥900/¥4900(glass/bottle)

・Taiwan Jasmine Tea High ¥770

・Corn tea high ¥770

・Lime mint sour ¥770

・Kumquat sour ¥880

・Plum wine (soda/rock/straight) ¥750

・Suze tonic ¥790

・Non-alcoholic gin and tonic ¥800

・Non-alcoholic beer ¥750

・Non-alcoholic lemon sour ¥860

・Taiwanese Jasmine Tea (Iced/Hot) ¥750


・Today's appetizer platter ¥1300 x number of people

・Potato salad with sweet noodles and soy mayo ¥970

・Roasted pork fillet ¥1250

・Korean marinated shrimp (red shrimp pickled in soy sauce) ¥1690

・Sweet potato and potato fries ¥1200

・Fried Japanese yam and octopus with Japanese pepper ¥1250

・Boiled dumplings (with kaffir lime leaves) ¥1300

・Steamed meat dumpling (topped with salmon roe) ¥1500

・Pork Bao(2 servings)¥1300

・Spring rolls ¥1400

・Oyster and watercress omelet ¥2000

・Shrimp mayo ¥1500

・Black vinegar sweet and sour pork ¥1900

・Yannyeom chicken ¥1750

・Milt mapo tofu ¥2250

・Iijima pork possum (with perilla leaves) ¥2700


・Sansho noodles without soup ¥1400

・Taiwanese pork rice ¥1500

・Sweets:Almond tofu pudding(2 servings) ¥1200


*Appetizer/seat fee ¥550

*The price includes tax.

*Please help us by ordering at least 2 foods and 2 drinks per person.

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